Why is Kylie The New Kim?

Kylie Jenner has been in the eye of the public ever since she was a little girl. She grew up with cameras rolling 24/7 and being known as the half sister of Kim Kardashian, but is she becoming the new Kim?

With her infamous behind and controversial sex tape Kim has become more famous throughout the years. Recently, getting married and becoming a mother for a second time she has calmed down, when it comes to the entertainment world. When I say she has “calmed down”, I mean that she has been away from controversies, no nude pictures and started to share less of herself on social media. In recent interview with Ellen Degeneres she talks about how her life changed after she was robbed in Paris back in September, she says “I know that it was meant to happen to me. Im such a different person now. I think that things happen in your life to teach you a lesson” She also spoke about how materialistic she use to be, and how now none of that matters. I believe that Kim certainly has matured throughout the years, and her sister Kylie is here to take her place.

Kylie has been gaining popularity recently, from her instantly selling out lipstick to extremely popular Instagram posts. Also, this upcoming summer Kylie will be launching her new reality show called “Life of Kylie”. Seems familiar right? Growing up watching Kim Kardashian and now seeing how big Kylie is getting in the industry, I can certainly see how similar they both are. Both Kim and Kylie are famous for their huge sex appeal, and “perfect” bodies. They boy seem to love the spotlight and being the center of attention.

All the attention that was once on Kim is now being put on Kylie and in my own personal opinion I love it. The season I love it is because Kim has grown into a more mature person, someone who people can actually look up to now, causing no drama and looking more decent. In other words, Kylie is a person that many younger kids can look up to. Even though she is not the best role model, according to some people, she has done nothing wrong besides doing what any other rich person would do. Purchasing cars, getting their body retouched and living the life.


I still cannot believe the Kylie Jenner is younger than me.


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