Instagram Life: Dee Espinal

I got the chance to sit down and talk with this Dominican comedian. As the cameras started to film for Youtube, we had a more serious conversation. Something that you wouldn’t usually see from him. Once I knew that I was going to work with him, I came up with the idea of not just doing comedy in this video but also talk about his personal life, what he is doing next and get his opinion on today’s society. With just a couple minutes of filming, my nerves started to kick in because I knew that this video was going to be something huge!

Dee Espinal has been in the online comedian industry for a couple of years now. He started off on Youtube and made his way into Facebook, Instagram and Snapchat. He started off with a group called “That’s Dominican” but that didn’t last very long, and he went solo. I believe that going solo was one of the best things that he could have ever done. He has became more successful and has even gained more followers than he ever did in the group.


When I had the chance to chat with Dee, we talked about one topic in particular that touched my heart, his son. He never posts pictures about his son and I found that very weird, so I asked him about it. He replied “I don’t like sharing his life, especially when it comes to my son, even though me and his mother are not together and she creates controversies, I rather keep him away from it all”. I totally agree with him on that one, because it is best to keep your personal life away from your online life, especially if being famous for being on social media has become your job. The next day, I go on Dee’s Instagram page and he put up a picture of his son. It showed me that even though he didn’t want to share his personal life on his social media, he wanted to show the world how grateful he is to have the little guy.

To learn more about Dee and our chat you can visit my Youtube channel!


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