Instagram Life: Xavier Ivan

Instagram has a way of catching our attention, whether it is to make us buy everything on it, follow the hottest trends, or lurk on people we have never met before. I have been on Instagram for about five years now, but just recently did I become obsessed with it. For me, Instagram is a way to express my thoughts, feelings and share my life, with just one picture. Being a photographer, I always thought it was cool to be able to have a page where people follow your work. Adding live video chats, Instagram snaps and other cool stuff, Instagram is becoming more popular each day. Even though I have not reached my goal as an “Instagrammer”, I’m excited to see what Instagram comes up with next!

I follow some pretty cool people that have inspired me to grow as an “Instagrammer”. For example, Youtuber Xavier Ivan has been on Instagram for almost four years now, and the way he handles his Instagram is the way I would love to handle mine. He doesn’t share everything that goes on in his life and only posts things that would be important for his supporters to know. Also, he is a very big Instagram Live fan. He goes on Instagram Live almost every single night to entertain his audience, which is why I believe he is so successful in what he does. In his Instagram Lives he does prank calls, and even has his own comedian character who he calls “Debra”. With this character he creates a series of events in which he put his character in. For example, he once dressed up as the character and even made a mix tape, calling it “Debra’s mix tape”.


I recently got to work with this Dominican Youtuber for my channel and he is one of the most funniest and craziest person I have ever met. I will be honest, I was nervous to be standing next to such a huge Youtuber like him, while working together, but his humbleness and honesty makes you feel like you have known him for years. In this video we have a more serious conversation and talk more about his personal life, which is absolutely the opposite of what he usually does on his channel. I am very excited to be releasing this episode because I know that his audience is going to love it!




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