Bad Girls Club: Update

Watching the season finale of the Bad Girls Club, it was a bitter sweat emotion. I felt sad because it will be the last season but also happy because they made it so far as a team, show and as producers. I want to break down and talk about three of my favorite “bad girls” ever!

Season 8 – Camila

In the Bad Girls Club, once one of the girls is kicked off the show a new one comes in to replace them. They call these girls “replacements” and usually the original bad girls make fun of these replacements because they are second choices and not first. This bad girl proved them wrong by coming in the house and showing them that just because she was a replacement did not mean that should could not be better than an original. Camila became one of the most famous bad girls when she entered the house and just like Rocky went off to do many spinoffs, she even appeared on shows such as Baskeball Wives. Recently Camila had a baby girl and says she is “retired” from reality TV, which I do not believe at all! In her most recent Instagram post, she posted a picture with the caption “These girls are going to make me come out of retirement” I have a strong feeling that even though the Bad Girls Club is over something new is coming.


Season 9 – Christina

“Jersey” as they use to call her, is one of the most beautiful bad girls to ever enter the club. She had it all, beauty, intelligence and was not afraid to speak her mind. In her season she had many altercations with some of the other bad girls, but who can blame them for hating. I would have loved to see this bad girl make it to the end of the show, but unfortunately she was sent home because of a petty fight. I also would have loved for her to participate in one of the spinoffs such as “Bad Girls Club Battles” in which girls from the original reality TV show face athletic challenges to win money. After 7 years this beauty has changed so much, maybe it was for the best that she stayed away from these reality shows after all. She recently lost her mother to cancer and rumors say that she is to be expecting. Also, she has no connection with any of the girls from her season and maintains a very private lifestyle.


Season 10 – Rocky 

I still remember the day I actually got the chance to speak to this bad girl, I had asked her “would you ever do Bad Girls Club again?” and she answered saying that she would have to think about it. One of the most successful bad girls I have ever seen. Rocky went off to film for many spinoffs of the show, such as “Bad Girls Club: Redemption” and “Bad Girls Club Battles”. After 2 years of not appearing on any TV reality show, Rocky has gotten plastic surgery and is in a new relationship. Rumor has it that this bad girl is also expecting.





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