A mix of Music

Being a Latino in the United States, I feel extremely proud and excited when I see that someone from the Latin music industry collaborate with someone from the American music Industry, and visa versa. Many celebrities such as Jennifer Lopez, Pitbull and even Enrique Iglesias have been very successful when it comes to being known in both the American music industry as well as the Latin music industry. I want to share with everyone my top three favorite crossover collaborations ever!

1. Beautiful Liar – Shakira Ft Beyonce 

This song never gets old. A song that everyone should know by now. I was very shocked to see these two collaborate because I had never seen them together. A song that speaks about how a man played with both their hearts. The reason I like this song and video so much is because it wasn’t the usual heart breaking song. With their incredible dance moves and similar looks they showed us how a women doesn’t need a man. In the video you can see how similar these two beautiful ladies look. A collaboration that I will never forget.


2. Odio – Romeo Santos Ft Drake 

I still remember the day these two amazing artists collaborated. I was on Twitter and I remember someone tweeting “Drake and Romeo are going to make girls leave all these guys for a better man”. I found it very funny because in some cases it is true. Romeo Santos is known for his emotional and heart touching songs in the Latin music industry and Drake is known for his emotional lyrics in the American music industry. The song became a hit in only its first week of being released. I was surprised a video was not made. In recent interview with Vevo, Romeo said ” It was very hard for us to make this song, he was working on his album and tour and so was I. I flew out to Toronto one day, went in the studio, and just recorded”. I could imagine how hard it would have been to make a video.


3. Despacito Remix – Luis Fonsi Ft Daddy Yankee and Justin Bieber 

Justin Bieber has been hinting in his Instagram page pictures of him in the studio and writings in Spanish. As soon as I saw these pictures I knew that something was coming, and I wasn’t wrong. He released a remix of the song “Despacito” by Luis Fonsi and Daddy Yankee. This has to be one of the best collaborations yet. The song “Despacito” by itself is an amazing song that has been in top of the charts for weeks now, and having Justin Bieber remix it was even better! Especially since we heard Justin sing in Spanish. This is not the first time we see Justin collaborate with an artist from the Latin music industry. A little over a year ago he released the remix for his famous song “Sorry” alongside J-Balvin. 





Odio – Hate

Despacito – Slowly


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