We want the old Disney Back!

I feel like many shows now on Disney channel seem to give out messages that don’t really matter. Many of the shows now on Disney channel show how a girl or boy wants to be famous, popular or “pretty”. We all miss the old Disney shows that actually gave us hope, confidence, and showed us lessons that we can use in life. Throughout the years Disney shows have gotten worse. I know many people who can agree with me on this one.


Last year, Raven-Symone announced on the show The View that she will soon be leaving to take a leading role in the sequel of That’s So Raven. This time around Raven will be a divorced mother raising her set of twins with her best friend Chelsea ( Annieliese van der Pol ), who is also a divorced mother raising her two children. I know many of us were excited to find out about this news! but I also know many of us are scared to see how it turns out. Disney channel has not done such a good job when it comes to bringing back old shows. For example, when Disney channel brought back Boy Meets World, as Girl Meets World, many of us were disappointed to see how unentertaining and boring it was. The show “Girl Meets World” only lasted about three years running, which was not a surprise.

Disney channel has had multiple life changing shows, such as the show That’s So Raven. This show has to be one of the best shows ever on Disney channel. I am extremely excited to see Raven-Symone back to her home, on the Disney channel Network. As a child I wouldn’t really get some of the messages each episode use to give out, but after watching as I got older I understood a bit more. That’s So Raven played such an important part in my life, and I’m so excited to see it come back, but a bit scared that they will ruin such a legendary show.

That’s So Raven gave out many messages such as how racism still exist in this world and how many little girls felt insecure about their weight. One of the episodes that I will never forget, which is actually the last episode of the series, is when Cory gets caught with a pack of cigarettes that he was holding for his friend. This episode taught me how we shouldn’t always follow the pack when it came to high school. The only reason Cory took the pack of cigarettes was because he wanted to be on good terms with his friend, instead of telling her not to smoke. In the end of the episode Raven finds out Cory is holding these cigarettes and gives him a talk about how smoking is bad for us, not just that, but she also talks to his friend about it.


I will never forget the old Disney channel.


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