It’s the End for the Bad Girls!

The Oxygen hit Tv series Bad Girls Club is coming to an end, and I cannot be more disappointed in the recent seasons. Comparing the last 4 seasons to the the earlier seasons, such as season 9, the last few seasons were simply trash. I would expect the show to get better as the years went by, but it just got worse and worse. The girls weren’t as “bad” as many of us expected them to be, and the houses were simply just recycled. After season 14 finished, I tried giving the show many chances, but they seemed to just get worse.

Season 17 (the last season) has to be one of the worse seasons yet…. For example, the location is over used. We have had at least five seasons in the city of Los Angeles. I mean it is a nice city, but we never got to see something different, such as a season in the city of New York. Most of the bad girls come from New York either way, and I was very disappointed that none of the seasons were brought to the city that never sleeps, New York City.


Another disappointment has to be the girls. Most of these girls aren’t even what some of us call “bad”. Fake, phony, controversial and disrespectful is not the definition of a bad girl. A bad girl is a woman who is independent, knows what she wants in life and is able to get a message across without having to put their hands on someone else. I was excited to see girls such as Rocky (season 10), Camilla (season 8) and/or Christina (season 9) come back, but unfortunately the casting directors wanted to go a different direction. Also, the producers of “Bad Girls Club” seem to want to demonstrate how they can turn a “bad girl” into a “good girl”, but kept on failing season after season. For example, seasons such as 12,13, and 14, where they had a life couch come in and talk to the girls…. for no reason. Most of the girls left the bad girls house exactly as they went in.

As a former fan I would love for the show to get renewed onto a better network such as VH1 or MTV, which has not had a reality show this crazy since Jersey Shore. But if the Bad Girls Club has the luck of getting renewed, I hope they change it up and bring back the original concept! On a side note, I want to congratulate the producers of the show for making it this far, because not many reality shows make it this far.



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