Five Things: Jennifer Lopez

From collaborating with huge stars such as Pitbull, Ricky Martin and Marc Anthony, this pop singer and actress has done it all! Here are five things you did not know about Jennifer Lopez!

1. Jennifer was a back-up dancer.

We all know this beautiful latina can move her hips. JLo actually started her career as a back-up dancer for the boy band New Kids On The Block! She performed with them in 1991’s AMAS!

2. Her nickname growing up was not Jlo of Jenny from the block.

Jennifer’s nickname growing up was actually “La Guitara” which translates into English as “The Guitar”. Why you ask? Jennifer got this nickname because of her curvy guitar shaped body.


3. Jennifer is one of the biggest stars in Hollywood.

I don’t believe this is a secret to many of us but Jennifer Lopez has done almost everything that a super star can do. She has been in multiple movies, she has hosted many television shows, one which is soon to air May 30th called World of Dance, and she has even judged famous reality tv shows such as American Idol.

4. She is a mother to a set of twin.

In 2008, Jennifer Lopez became a mother for the first time to Emme and Maximilian Muñiz, with former husband Marc Anthony.

5. This Puerto Rican descendent latina made her debut when she played the leading role in the hit movie Selena.

Even though she was recognized from other shows, music and her dancing, Jennifer’s real debut was when she played the leading role as Selena. As Jennifer filmed for Selena, she already knew it was going one a hit, and she wasn’t wrong.


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