Queen Tyra is Back!

After 22 seasons of America’s Next Top Model, we finally saw someone else host the show other than Tyra Banks. Season 23 was full of changes including the channel VH1 picking it up, the panel of judges and the host, who was no other than the singer and model Rita Ora, but was it enough for the fans?

After just one season of not seeing Tyra on the show, she is back to take her thrown as the host. Tyra felt that it was not the sambaed she needed to come back, and so did many fans. Giving thanks to Rita Ora for filling in while she took a step back, Tyra Tweeted “Mizz @ritaora, you exemplify Business Boss Brand to the fullest! Thank you for all the amazingness you brought to ANTM 💋”


I myself watched season 23 and it was not as good as I thought it would be. It was not the same without the queen Tyra, and I believe many fans can agree with me on this one. The panel of judges were unprofessional and did not know what to say most of the time. Also, most of the challenges and pictures the girls had to do were based more on how to get famous on Social Media than actually becoming a professional model.

Something else I did not like about this season was the fact that they went back to the original tall, skinny and pretty girls. In recent seasons such as season 20,21, and 22 we saw how diverse it got, adding boys into the mix, petite girls and even plus size models. Im really hoping that Tyra goes back to this because lets face it we are in 2017, and in today’s society anybody is able to become a model if they really want to. So it gives everybody an opportunity to participate in this incredible show.


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