Five Things: Miley Cyrus

This crazy pop star has been gaining popularity after her VMA’s performance in 2013 by winning multiple awards, judging the popular singing competition The Voice and getting engaged. With her crazy hair, insane outfits and a tongue that can’t seem to just stay in her mouth…. here are five things you did not know about Miley Cyrus!

1.Miley was originally left handed. 

Miley’s father, Billy Ray Cyrus, made Miley write with her right hand because he did not want her to “learn the world backwards”. She was raised in a religious house hold, and many religious people think that if you wrote with your left hand it was the devils pawl.

2.She has many heart problems. 

Miley suffers from tachycardia, a heart condition in which your heart beats faster than normal. She also was born with a hole in her heart and has problems going up the stairs because of it.


3.Miley met the queen of England. 

Miley performed for queen Elizabeth in 2010. She performed her hit “Party In the USA”, but she says that she was more excited to meet Lady Gaga, who was also there.

4.The twerking pop star will never do a red carpet event. 

She believes that she shouldn’t be standing on a red carpet when they’re are thousands of starving kids in the world. That just because she is famous and talented she shouldn’t be treated any different. She also wants to inspire people to stay true to themselves and to let people think whatever they want to think.

5.Miley has been the most tweeted celebrity after her VMA’s performance. 

During the 2013 Video Music Awards, Miley’s crazy dance moves made her the most tweeted celebrity. Counting more than 300 thousands tweets per minute. Also, she is the richest teenage celebrity in 2008, standing next to Kylie and Kendal Jenner.


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