Five Things: Nabila Tapia

This beautiful Dominican beauty pageant contestant has been in the eye of the entertainment industry ever since her debut in the famous reality show Nuestra Belleza Latina. Here are five things you did not know about the gorgeous Nabila Tapia!

1. Nabila is known to be the most beautiful women that has been in the reality show. 

The magazine “The 50 Most Beautiful People” chose Nabila Tapia as the most beautiful women of the reality show in 2014. Making her the second Dominican female from the show to be in the magazine, following Audis Rijo in the year 2013. People such as William Levy, Alejandra Espinoza and Romeo Santos have been featured in this magazine.

2. She has 6 tattoos.

Even though tattoos are seen as something bad in the pageant world, it did not stop this beauty from getting them. The reason not many people know about her tattoo is because most of them are hidden. One of her tattoos says “Only God Can Judge Me” in arabic letters under her breast. One of her other tattoos is the name of her beautiful daughter, Living Mariet. 1427624045173

3. At an early age Nabila lost her father. 

At the age of 3 Nabila lost her father to a brain tumor. She never had a father figure growing up besides her older brother, Rodney Tapia. Nabila says that when she was younger and would ask for her father her mother would tell her that he is in the sky. Nabila being so young and innocent used to look up to the sky and look for him.

4. Nabila and her current boyfriend Don Miguelo met while she was in high school. 

Don Miguelo had visited Nabila’s high school on a booking. This urban singer and beauty pageant did not get into a relationship until 2015, but knew one another since they were young.

5. Nabila has booked many magazines. 

This beauty has been in over 5 magazine, 2 in which she was the cover of. Nabila has also been in Records Calender and has a wig collection in the wig company It’s a Wig!



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