Five Things: Rihanna

With her unique sense of style and phenomenal singing skills, this pop singer from Barbados has taken music to levels it has never been before. From 150 million songs all around the world to 41 million albums sold. Here are five things you did not know about Rihanna!

1. Rihanna was actually discovered by rapper and songwriter Jay Z

This is pretty insane considering the fact that one of Rihanna’s idols growing up was Beyonce, Jay Z’s wife. What a better wait to start your career than being discovered by your idols husband. Rihanna later turned into one of the most subscribed celebrities on Vevo, with the song Umbrella featuring Jay Z.


2. Rihanna has turned down Playboy

We all know that Rihanna is never afraid to show some skin when it comes to her photoshoots and music videos, but she has actually turned down Playboy more than 15 times. In an interview with New York Daily News she says “If I’m gonna to take my clothes off, it has to be in a classy way, and my will, not a check”

3. Rihanna had to ban umbrellas from her UK tour

It’s no secret to us that one of Rihanna’s most famous songs is Umbrella. In 2008, while on tour many accidents were reported because fans felt the need to dance along with her as she did the umbrella dance on stage. Later on while touring in the UK, Rihanna actually banned Umbrellas from being brought into her concerts. What a fun job as a security guard… having to check everyone for umbrellas instead of weapons!


4. The pop star was born and raised in Barbados

Her country was so proud of her achievements that they actually have a national Rihanna Day on February 22nd, right around her birthday, February 20th. Also, Rihanna was made the face of tour for her country in 2012.

5. Her name isn’t really Rihanna

Now, we all know this beauty by the name of Rihanna, and others refer to her as “Rih Rih” but her actual name is Robyn. Rihanna is actually her middle name. In the beginning of her career many people spelled her name “Rhianna” instead of “Rihanna”. As this wasn’t too difficult, people also had a problem pronouncing the name as well. Pronouncing it Ri-onna when it is actually pronounce Ri-anna.




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