Five Things: The Weeknd

The year of 2016 had to be one of the best years for this mysterious pop singer, from top hits to non-stop award wins, here are 5 things you did not know about The Weeknd!


1. This Canadian-born pop singer has kept his life extremely private, but in the past few years we got to know him a little better as he became more popular. The reason he keeps his life so private and has yet to do an interview is because he feels insecure and believes that he is not well-spoken enough.

2. His Name: Where does the name The Weeknd come from? Well, the Ethiopian descendent singer used this name to cover up his birth name, Abel, which he hated with a passion. Purposely misspelling the name, The Weeknd, because there was already a band in Canada named “The Weekend”

3. Believe it or not The Weeknd actually dropped out of high school at the age of 17. He quotes “I left one weekend and never went back”. Later being discovered on YouTube, by fellow Canadian singer and rapper, Drake, in 2010.the-weeknd-live-for-feat-drake-video

4. Like many celebrities, The Weeknd actually hit rock bottom before becoming famous. By couch surfing, doing multiple drugs and being homeless. He tends to remind us in almost all his song lyrics that he has struggled to get where he has. ” I’m not scared of the fall, I have felt the ground before”tumblr_ok2hne5kcv1rvtprso1_500
5. Before cutting all his hair off for his recently released album, Starboy,The Weeknd had an interesting set of hair, some called it a double mullet. He wanted to have an iconic and unique look, which was the reason why he grew it out at first.


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