Romeo Santos is Back!


After 3 years of anticipation and waiting, the Bronx-Born Bachata singer-songwriter Romeo Santos has finally released his first single of his new upcoming album, titled “Hereo Favorito”. Romeo has always taken the genre of Bachata to many different levels and this new single was certainly not going to break that, which I believe is the reason why he is so successful standing next to Marc Anthony and Pitbull. Adding a touch of Jazz, it is something very different than what we are used to seeing from Romeo. He said in recent Instagram Live Chat, “It is something new that I have never done before, and that is what I love to do, bring new stuff into the genre to make it grow all around the world”


In his new single “Hereo Favorito“ he teams up with Marvel’s Costume team to create his very own heroic costume to capture what the song is all about, super heroes! A song about a man that with his super powers is able to save the love of his life from a man who does not treat her correctly. In the song he compares himself to The Hulk, Super Man and Batman with lines such as “Yo quisiera ser El Hulk y te protefo”, and “Si fuese Batman no habran noches de temor”.

The song was supposed to drop February 13, 2017, just in time for Valentine’s Day but was leaked beforehand, which did not make Romeo happy at all, as he quotes in his Instagram “A bit upset that the song was leaked before February 13th, but I see that my fans are still active”

If you are a true Romeista you would know that one of the most anticipated moments is when Romeo Santos finally collaborates with Prince Royce, another very successful Bachatero. He has hinted in many occasions with who he will be working with in this upcoming album, titled Golden.  Pictures with Jay-Z, Mozart La Para and Prince Royce, has given fans the excitement and hope that these would be the people he will be featuring in the album Golden.

  • Hereo Favorito – Favorite Hero.
  • “Yo quisiera ser El Hulk y te protefo” – “I would want to be The Hulk to protect you”
  • “Si fuese Batman no habran noches de temor” – ‘’If I were Batman, there would be no nights of terror”
  • Romeista – Romeo Santos fans.
  • Bachata – A genre of music that is very popular romantic genre in the Caribbean especially in the Dominican Republic.
  • Bachatero – This is what people who sing Bachata are called.

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